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Mostly Fantasy concert "a dream"

Posted by paul43 on November 29, 2015 at 4:35 AM

On November 26th 2015, a wonderful benefit concert was given by Claron McFadden (soprano), David Dolan (piano), Abigail Dolan (flute), and Thomas Carroll (cello) in front of a rapturous audience at London's Gresham Centre.  They captivated us with their innovative improvisatory approach to classical masters from Bach to Schumann.

A selection of audience comments are given below.  We are deeply grateful for the generosity and artistry of these inspiring musicians.



This concert was simply a dream.


The performers, all four of them, were magical.


And I loved the idea of combining improvisation with playing the notes.


I already often had the experience when loving a classical performance to have the impression as if the musicians and singers are inventing the music whilst they are playing it.


This was very strong yesterday, particularly so in the Schumann piano-cello duo. amazing. fascinating. exciting.


What also impressed me a lot with these performers is how they dealt with silence. the music came out of nothing, silence, and went back into that place of silence. this is something only the best can do.


Thanks so much for David to have brought this together for us.



it was a beautiful concert -

and I would add how surprising it was to find that the musicians had not

previously played together - they should clearly do so more often - they

were superb!



I was amazed by the quality of the music- and unlike some of the audience- was just as impressed with the improvisations. The intimacy of the setting and the power of the musicians' communication intensified the experience. Every note felt as if it had been created for me as a personal gift.

But Claron Mcfadden's power, beauty and sense of humour dominated the evening - even if she hadn't heard of Queen Boudicea- she said she would Google her last night!

Well done on a splendid evening



It was a real and fascinating musical treat. I don't move in that sphere and hadn't come across musical improvisation as a discipline, but it was wholly persuasive, and the performers seemed to me world class. I could listen for hours to Claron M's wonderful voice, and it was so good to see and hear her at work in an intimate space rather than a huge theatre.



I enjoyed the concert very much, especially the brilliant improv on Boudicaa!

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